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  • Guilty King

    ♛ Game of Crowns ♛

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Über mich

  • Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown.

    I have decided.
    I will get my hands as dirty as I have to.
    I shall gather your sins and assume their weight.
    Your strenghts, your weaknesses, your light, your darkness.
    I'll let them all sink into my body...
    I'll bear the burden. Until the end.
    For this is my guilty crown.


    I am the bone of my keyboard
    My blood is of ink
    And my heart of voids
    I have overcome countless chapters
    Never once grasping the complete story
    Yet never failing to push onward
    The author lies here alone
    Forging fanfics on a hill of letters
    Thus this life needs no meaning
    This body has been forged from infinite words

Eternal Guilt | Reclaiming the Throne | Yours forever | Survivor's Guilt | Mind Games

I sing for my people, I sing for my friends
I sing for justice, so that the world finally ends
I sing for my father who rests high above
and also for my mother who I deeply love
But as I sing I wonder, what is it for?
when there is no one who sings for me anymore...

-Hanae Ouma, Princess of thorns

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Kingdom Hearts


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    Rundenbasiertes Strategiespiel

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    KH, Final Fantasy X, World of Warcraft, Assasins Creed I/II, Warcraft III, Starcraft I/II, Grandia I/II

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    kfc_kainsfriedchocobos (steam)

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