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KH:BbS – Neuer Scan aus V-Jump + Übersetzung

Geschrieben am 26. November 2009 von Snow Villiers
Scan in Farbe
Nun wurde der Scan aus der letzten V-Jump in Farbe und vollständig hochgeladen. In diesem Scan erkennt man Braig (Xigbar) in seiner „menschlichen“ Form und einen Kampf gegen ihn. Auch sind die „menschlichen“ Formen von Dilan (Xaldin) und Aeleus (Lexaeus) zu sehen. Außerdem enthüllt der Scan neue Informationen über die „Mirage Arena“, „Radiant Garden“ und über die neue Welt „Disney Town“. Sowie einen weiteren Charakter: Rudi Ross.
Hier habe ich ersteinmal die englische Übersetzung für Euch und in den nächsten Tagen werde ich es ins Deutsche übersetzen:
hand page (from right hand side):

The past forms of the Organisation’s big shots are revealed!?
New worlds that the three protagonists Terra, Ventus and Aqua will visit are confirmed!! And there are characters you might recognise there…!!
He’s interested in Keyblades, and kidnaps Master Xehanort. Is this Xigbar’s past body?
The old form of Hollow Bastion: Radiant Garden
Is this where the vanished Master went to?
The form of Hollow Bastion, which appeared in „KH“ and „KHII“, before it was destroyed by darkness. Here we find men who resemble the members of Organisation XIII, as well as the Master who disappeared.
[top screenshot]
The two gate guards are…?
You might recognise the two men who stop Ventus when he tries to enter the castle…!!
Aeleus: You can’t enter the castle right now.
They look just like Xaldin and Lexaeus from Organisation XIII!!
Their clothes are different, but their faces and weapons are the same. Were the two of them workmates in the past?
[middle screenshot]
This way of speaking? [Braig uses Xigbar’s trademark ってハナシ when speaking]
It seems like Braig’s been interested in the Keyblade for a while.
Braig: I’m saying the Keyblade would suit me better.
He looks just like Xigbar from Orgnaisation XIII!!
The Organisation’s Xigbar has an eyepatch, scars, and a fierce expression, but…
[bottom screenshot]
Master Xehanort captured!!
???: Master Xehanort!
Braig’s method of attacking is sniping with his guns. It’s just the same as the fighting style we saw from Xigbar!
[right hand screenshot]
Braig snipes from hight places. Is running around all his target, Terra, can do?
[left hand screenshot]
As you’d expect, getting hit by Xigbar’s short-range attack would be dangerous even for Terra!
Left hand page, top half
The town around Disney Castle: Disney Town
The town is in the middle of a festival!!
No matter how you look at it, the man who trespasses during the town’s „Dream Festival“ is Pete. What kind of mischief is he planning…?
Queen Minnie
The queen who protects Disney Castle.
Dewey, Huey, Louie
Donald Duck’s nephews. A trio of troublemakers.
Captain Justice
A big suspicious man who suddenly appeared in the streets. He calls himself an „ally of justice“, but…?
[top right screenshot]
A visit from the hero of justice!
Pete appears in the town looking very strange…!! Could it be that Aqua, the girl with the short blue hair, hasn’t realised what he’s plotting yet?
Captain Justice: Monsters? Ah, sorry, that’s not my area.
[bottom left screenshot]
An evil hero appears too?
Captain Dark, who wraps himself in a black costume, also appears. He talks to the lone protagonist Terra with a lot of attitude.
Captain Dark: Follow the rules, rookie.
The King’s rival Pete is in disguise!!
In the series‘ past, Pete the cat would help the Disney villains with their cruelty!!
Left hand page, bottom right
The different modes in „Mirage Arena“ are confirmed!!
A connectivity-exclusive world
In this world, the protagonists change into their armored forms. You can play cooperatively or competitively, receive all sorts of Commands, and more!!
VS Arena Mode
You can battle with your friends!! You have free use of Commands and items, and can fight tactically with large numbers of people!
The Keyblade transforms into a vehicle you can control, so everyone can compete together! You can attack your rivals, making things incredibly frantic!!
Moogle’s Medal Shop
When you set records in the Mirage Arena’s games, you can get medals!! And you can exchange them for rare items!?
The bottom left part of the left hand page is just details about a competition. I’m going to leave that for now because I’m supposed to be working…
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